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Tierra SF Content Home Logo offers a fine collection of Zapotec rugs, merino wool blankets, bedspreads, serapes and textiles for your home and your closet as vast and beautiful as the New Mexico sky.

The choices of the fine weavings you will find in our shop reflect many years of experience gathering sources for the very best of the artistic traditions of the Southwest, Latin America and Asia.

Our textiles, rugs and clothing are hand-woven from merino wool, pashimina, cashmere, churro sheep wool, mohair, cotton, silk and linen. They are produced by skilled master craftsmen using traditional methods and natural vegetal dyes.

We also can work with you to custom design and create blankets, rugs and bedspreads if you so desire.

History and Tradition of Zapotec Weaving

By the time Christopher Columbus reached the New World in 1492, the Zapotec Indians of Teotitlan del Valle, a small village nestled among the foothills of the Sierra Madres in the Oaxaca Valley of Southwestern Mexico, had a centuries old tradition of weaving textiles from cotton and other plant fibers. In the mid-seventeenth century, Dominican friars introduced the European upright loom and sheep in the New World, and for the next three hundred years the weavers in Teotitlan wove the finest serapes in southern Mexico and Guatemala. In spite of more recent cultural changes among many of Mexico's native Indian groups, the high level of craftsmanship of the Colonial period serapes is still evident in the distinctive use of color and handspun yarns in the contemporary rugs and tapestries woven by the Zapotec Indians of Teotitlan.

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